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  1. Visit the Parcl website.
  2. Connect your Solana wallet and complete the onboarding process.
  3. Visit the referrals section and enter “n8tr0n” in the friend’s code field to receive a 5% boost on your points.
  4. Now go to “Liquidity” and provide liquidity.
  5. You will need USDC to provide liquidity. You can get it on Coinbase
  6. Go to your profile and create a trading account.
  7. You will need to deposit USDC to your trading account to be able to trade.
  8. Now go to the markets and make long or short trades.
  9. Traders will earn 1 point per day per 1 USDC and 3 points per day per 1 USDC for LP deposits.
  10. HOA NFT holders will earn bonus points.
  11. Also, earn 10% of the points earned by each person you refer.

Use referral code “n8tr0n” for additional benefits!

Parcl v3 is a perpetuals exchange designed for real estate synthetics. It supports cross margined perps trading on various real estate markets. LPs add liquidity to a single LP pool per exchange where they take on trader PnL as well as earn trading fees.

Market index prices are price feeds created by Parcl Labs. The Parcl dev team operates Pyth oracles to stream the Parcl Labs price feeds on-chain.

Season 3 of Parcl Points is here with even more rewards for your activity on Parcl V3. Look out for exclusive boosts for a variety of different NFT holders and snapshots for additional boosts.

The launch of the Parcl Points Program on the Parcl V3 platform is set up to be a game-changing event, recognizing and rewarding active long/short real estate price trading, holding open interest, and liquidity provisioning (LP’ing). This program is a nod to the dedication of Parcl V2 and V3 users, celebrating their commitment to the platform, ecosystem, and community.

HOA NFT holders using a wallet on the Parcl Platform that holds HOA NFT(s) will receive bonus Points. Having one (1) HOA NFT in the wallet connected to the Parcl Platform boosts the Points you accumulate by 20%. For each additional HOA NFT held in the same Wallet, the points you accumulate with be boosted by 5%. Holding 5 HOA NFTs, for example, means a 40% (20% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5%) increase in all Points earned. This also applies to Points accumulated retroactively in both Parcl V2 (holder snapshot November 2023) and Parcl V3.

There are also bespoke opportunities to earn Points for community and user-generated content activities.

The Points Program is poised to significantly enhance the trading experience on Parcl, rewarding every strategic action on the platform. Points provide a quantitative answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the Parcl ecosystem’s success thus far and in the future. Happy trading!

Use referral code “n8tr0n” for additional benefits!

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