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Airdrop Actions

  1. Visit the Drift Protocol dashboard.
  2. Connect your Solana wallet.
  3. Now, make trades on the platform.
  4. Users can do Perpetual and Spot trading.
  5. Go to “Earn”, click on DLP and provide liquidity to the available pools.
  6. Users who make spots and perpetual trades and provide liquidity on the platform will get points.

At the application level, Drift Protocol is a decentralized exchange that supports low slippage, low fees, and minimal price impact on all trades.

On-chain exchanges suffer from limitations associated with blockchains—namely, speed and limited computational capacity on-chain.

Porting over existing off-chain centralised exchange infrastructure onto the blockchain results in an inefficient use of blockchains and disincentivises market-maker participation with unfavourable conditions.

Drift has designed & developed an exchange that is robust, computationally efficient, and incentivises market maker participation, as well as liquidity provision.

Learn more by reading the official documentation.

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